Jarrod Jablonski

Jarrod Jablonski
Jarrod Jablonski is probably most famous in the diving community as a leading developer and proponent of 'DIR diving'.

DIR diving itself has generated no small amount of controversy.  In the early days of technical diving, the concept of 'personal preference' prevailed.  Jablonski and others firmly took another view, stating that there was a 'right' way to do things, and they proceeded to set that out, in terms of mindset, training, equipment and philosophy. Jablonski maintains this ‘right’ way of diving is about creating a commonly understood system which enhances learning while maximising safety and efficiency. For Jablonski the DIR moniker was therefore not meant to malign other methodologies but rather to establish a mindset that supports a quest to establish the most effective method for accomplishing a given dive.

Whether or not one accepts the DIR philosophy, no other issue has propagated such frank and wide ranging discussions as to the proper standards for technical and cave diving as the DIR movement.  It has prompted diver training organisations and equipment manufacturers alike to examine a whole series of aspects of what they do.

In the heated discussions over DIR, Jablonski's personal achievements as a diver are sometimes overlooked.  He holds several world records with the most significant involving an astonishing 26,000 foot penetration at a depth of 300 feet.  These dives require immersions as long as 30 hours, which consist of 12 hours bottom time followed by 17 hours of decompression.  Jablonski has always argued that it was dives such as those which enabled him to develop, refine and perfect the DIR methodology.  He is also training Director for the Woodville Karst Plain Project, founder and President of Global Underwater Exporers (GUE), and CEO and President of Halcyon Equipment.